SmartHotels is a leading digital transformation company that specializes in smart room automation, energy efficiency and infrastructure support services. Our portfolio of comprehensive integrated solutions is designed to help hotels to become more efficient, reduce costs and meet their sustainability goals. We have the right blend of people and technology that makes it possible for our IoT enabled solutions to seamlessly connect, collect and analyze data on real-time basis so you can optimize hotel operations.

From design and implementation through to after-sales infrastructure support, we help you at each step of your digital transformation journey.

IoT is the future of Hospitality industry. Therefore, we become your strategic partner from early adoption, implementation to maintaining and capitalizing on all the benefits it may have on offer.

We team of well-trained industry experts who by combing their knowledge and creative ideas can deliver innovative solutions that can help you to stand out from the competition.

Our powerful guest room solutions help you to achieve sustainability and simplicity at the same time. With remote monitoring and full visibility of your energy use, we can guarantee peak operating performance with less use of resources.

With intelligent room controllers and seamlessly integrated solutions, you can realize significant financial benefits throughout the installation, operations and maintenance of your Hotel. Not only has this it also help to improve your brand recognition ultimately resulting in increased sales.

We bring technology that makes your Hotel connected, sustainable, comfortable, efficient, and safe. As a result, your system delivers the business value you are looking for.