Energy efficacy is key element of sustainability. With growing concerns on environmental effects of business practices, guests increasingly prefer to stay in Hotels who are socially responsible and actively support the cause of environmental protection. On the Other hand energy is one of the single biggest growing operating costs in hospitality industry that accounts between 3% to 6% of total running costs. Being efficient in use of energy does not only contribute to significant reduction in operating costs but also helps to earn reputation as a green hotel. However, creating unique guest experience while considering energy efficiency might be challenging and in some way require you to reconcile your commercial needs.

Our Energy efficiency solution is specifically designed for Hotels who wants to achieve sustainability goals without compromising much on their commercial needs. By leveraging latest technology and best practices we can help you with up to 40% decrease in energy consumption without guest satisfaction suffering. With energy utilization planning, measurement, control and optimization you will get quick results that will be visible through decreased energy costs.

Our Energy efficiency solutions provide following benefits:

Once you achieve this mile stone to be energy efficient hotel, you can capitalize on being green hotel while significantly reducing your costs related to energy. All that means you will not be contributing to environmental protection but will also get good return on your investments that will pay you back in long run.

Our Solutions are designed to help you comply with different rules and regulation related to energy consumption in commercial buildings. In addition to that it will also become easier for you to earn standardization certificate as green hotel.

Our energy efficiency solutions are easier to implement and manage. There will be no significant increase in type of work your Hotel employees are engaged in. Nor there will be need to higher any specialized permanent staff for it.