The hospitality industry is always trying to find out ways to improve guest experience and drive internal efficiency. IT infrastructure being critical part of internal operations plays most important role to achieve this objective. Therefore, it is essential for Hotels to have such infrastructure in place that is not only reliable and efficient in delivering services but scalable for future needs.

By using state of the art latest technologies, we are helping top class hotels in the implementation of new networks for existing properties that support connectivity of smart devices, while keeping security, reliability and sustainability as the highest priority.

A typical Hotel Infrastructure usually includes guest room network, office network and surveillance network. All of these must be interlinked to serve customers in a better way and drive operational efficiency.

Our Network Infrastructure solutions are designed with to provide following features:

Our Infrastructure Solutions are designed while keeping view current and future needs of the Hospitality industry for data, voice and video services. As due to IoT (Internet of things), demand for network connectivity is expected to grow at an unprecedented rate, you will not need to worry it as our infrastructure will support any future upgrades.

Our solutions integrate wired and wireless networks with bundled devices, management software, security provisions and power supplies that ensure uninterrupted service delivery all the times. We make sure every network infrastructure we deploy is capable of performing under the intense demand of services without any problem.

We use hieratical approach to design and implement Hotel networks that not only simplifies maintenance but also helps in delivering high performance. With this high fault tolerance and easy detection to network problems, technicians will be able to save a lot of time in troubleshooting any underlying problems in the network.

Our solutions are designed to provide a high level of security to your Hotel IT infrastructure. By using latest security related technologies such as VPN, DMZ, Firewall and UTM we ensure critical information and services are protected against unauthorized access.