Providing Exceptional In room entertainment facility to your guests can be decisive to make happy and loyal customers. Modern Entertainment systems can leave long lasting and memorable impression on them. Therefore, leave no exception in providing them what they expect.

Our multimedia tv integration technology where allows guest to enjoy paid live channels or on demand videos it also enable them to cast and share their personal media content from their own smart devices to the TV. That means they can watch videos, photos or other multimedia content on larger screen with better sound quality just like home.

In addition to that,

  • You will be able to turn guest room tv into marketing tool by conveniently designing and editing targeted guest communication through centralized management system.
  • You can also use TVs to promote your services and brand.
  • You can also get insight into your guests media consumption and preferences that will allow you create even more personalized service when the guest returns.
  • It offers centralized platform through which all the guest communications be effectively managed and targeted.

Have a look at some of the main features of our "Multimedia/TV Integrations" below:

Our technology turns your TV set into highly interactive smart devices that can be used for two way communication. You can send targeted message to your guests while they can respond to it. In addition to that you can conduct survey through T.V to evaluate guest’s level of satisfaction from services provided to them.

As Our solution allows you to send targeted messages , you can use this function to market your hotel services resulting in addition stream of income. In addition to that you can also use your logos and create your own brand of TV channel for hotel guests.

The system can work in integration with all major PMS like Opera, Micro Fedalio, LSI etc. That means you don’t have use separate system to manage inroom entertainment system for guests.

You can offer guest your own set of movies, Tv shows , music videos , games and other multimedia services through this system.