Wi-Fi is considered to be one of the most important amenities that is required by guests. However, for better use of bandwidth and management of guest users, it is important that you keep them separate from hotel`s other networks.

Our Hotspot solutions empower you to deliver your own brand of internet service in simplified and cost-effective manner. From smart ticketing feature that allows your guests to receive access data through SMS or email to online payment options to makes it easy and convenient for guests to start using internet without any wait.

In addition to that it combines authentication, authorization and accounting for ultimate efficiency in one platform, we provide web-based interface that allows HSIA connectivity to be managed through single interface. That means hassle-free access management of broadband users while maintaining highest standards of service delivery.

  • Your portal can be tailored to match your company's branding and unique needs. Do you provide HSIA for multiple locations or larger areas? Our innovative tool makes managing them all remotely from a centralized location. The software allows AAA, login page management, network monitoring and trouble ticketing to be handled from one interface hosted in our Network Operations Center (NOC).

    Our solutions allow the flexibility to offer varying levels of service to different parts of your Hotel. So, if your conference center requires different bandwidth than your guest rooms, you can easily customize settings accordingly.

    Instead of tracking bandwidth usage, revenue and other data from several points, you can keep tabs on everything from one central location. What's more, the reports are remarkably customizable, so you can fully leverage the data to your Hotel and customers' advantage.

    Our technicians stand ready around-the-clock, seven days a week to answer your staff's and your guests' questions, so you can ensure your customers' satisfaction will be as high as possible. Our real-time network monitoring minimizes service disruptions.