Cloud-based services due to its simplification, easy management, lower costs and higher reliability offer enormous benefits for Hotels. Any hospitality management system powered by cloud can provide an effective way to achieve efficiency across all business operations. From Staff management to streamlining guest check-in process and room service management, cloud-based solutions can address every facet of the business.

Our hospitality cloud solutions help you to integrate business operations for across the board optimization that will yield the speed, agility and efficiency to meet the ever-changing needs of guests. Not only this our centralized platform also encourage guest interaction by providing them anywhere anytime access to bookings, room preferences, dining preferences and services histories.

While using our purpose built cloud solutions you will access all of your services like Guest information management, Property management services, Reservation services, Distribution services, Reporting and analytics through Opera hosted in the cloud. That means you will no longer need to worry about maintenance, upgrade and security of information system as they all will be managed by your cloud service provider.

Our solutions provide following features:

Your Hotel needs most advanced and complete technology that helps them reduce complexity. We ensure all cloud layers are fully integrated with your on-premises platform so you get seamless and consistent performance.

We will help you to realize the value of emerging technologies. You will be able to use highly advanced Analytics tools that will provide in-depth information about your guests helping you deliver personalized services. In addition, you will be able to access different AI-based tools that will help you to become more efficient in delivering better guest room experience.

With cloud integration, most of the data accessed by Hotel staff and guests will be stored on the cloud that means you will not have to worry about its security because it will be managed by your service providers. With layered security approach every aspect of your on-premises, private and public cloud will be protected.