Exceptional guest experience is incomplete without providing them easier and quick access to their rooms. Smart locks where provide keyless entry to the guests also provide stable and reliable security solutions.

Our Smart lock technology is designed to provide maximum level comfort and convince, while it includes number of different functions that includes PMS integration, personal access for staff, emergency key, RFID and keycards etc.

Our Smart Lock solutions have following features:

  • Your guests will be able to access their rooms by using their mobile phones.
  • The smart locks technology can be used in integration with all major Hospitality management systems. That means you staff will be able to manage issuance of virtual and RFID keys from the same system.
  • RFID and keycards can reprogrammed for each new guests while you can also set time limited access to specific areas for guests as well staff.
  • For Mobile Key users system also offer chat function where guests can directly communicate with hotel staff through mobile app.
  • You can have separate key system to facilitate staff access to designated areas.

By using our Smart Lock technology you can expect following benefits:

Smart locks technology can offer variety of ways to unlocks rooms like mobile phones, RFID, APP, and keycards. Therefore guest check in process is streamlined while they don’t have to wait for keys resulting in improved guest experience.

While your guests will be able to check in directly with simplified procedure and virtually no need of help from hotel staff will result in significant decrease in their work loads. That means they will be able to focus on more important activities.

Smart Locks are most effective way to manage access in designated areas of your hotel. You will immediately know who is allowed to access the area and when they opened the door by using smart keys. Therefore, you will have to worry about safety and security of your property. In addition to that you will no longer to keep record of number of separate manual keys that your front desk staff holds as it will now be replaced with smart, automated and digitized keys.