When guest satisfaction is top priority, you must not compromise on the quality of wireless connectivity in your Hotel. Business Travelers want their devices connected no matter where on the premises they are. They need web access, media streaming, cloud storage and messaging service all the times.

In addition to that wireless networks are also important to provide connectivity to hotel facilities, staff for voice communication, point of sale, environmental controls and surveillance. Considering the number of devices that need to be connected through wireless network and coverage throughout building, you need a reliable network that is designed for intense bandwidth demands.

Our wireless solutions provide fast and reliable connectivity to a wide range of hotel applications, smart rooms, conference rooms and common areas. All that means improved guest experience, enhanced staff productivity and ultimately new revenues streams.

Our Wireless Solutions supports tired model where you can match Wi-Fi services to specific needs of different user groups enabling you to enhance your experience all the times. In addition to that, it allows you to effectively manage utilization of bandwidth through better allocation according to the criticality of needs.

Our wireless solutions not only ensure reliable connectivity of your devices but can also handle many devices at the same time through multiuser scheduling and load balancing. Not only this, you will not need to worry about growing future needs as you can easily add more users/devices when required.

With highly capable Wireless Network your guests can access high-quality multimedia services it also supports connectivity of smart devices like TVs, Entertainment systems, or door locks etc. that will all help you to become a smart hotel.