With growing trends of BYOD among hotels guests and staff, we cannot think of creating exceptional guest experience without facilitating them to be connected all the types where ever on the premise they are. Therefore, Mobile device Management (MDM) is a necessary investment for Hotels. However, not every MDM platform is designed to meet the challenges of Hospitality industry. When you know, at least half of your guests carry 3 or more devices and your employees are also equipped with variety of devices to serve them, you will need highly effective and reliable BYOD management solution.

Our MDM product is developed in response to growing IT challenges for Hospitality that offers required usability, scalability, and control and data protection for mobile device administration. Equipped with number of latest device management tools, it will highly contribute to your organizational productivity and assets management. Not only this, it allows you to perform all device management related tasks with ease and transparency.

Other MDM features that will improve Hotel guest experience and staff productivity includes:

  • Policies implementation and Compliance.
  • Device and Platform detection.
  • Mobile Device Monitoring and Management.
  • Security and Access Control.

You can expect following benefits by using our state of the art MDM technology:

It does not matter where you are, it allows remote access to device management so your staff can control and administrate devices remotely.

With single, easy to use web base console, you can view manage and control all the devices connected to hotel`s network any time.

Our solution is developed while keeping the view future needs of hospitality industry. Therefore not only it allows any number of devices to be enrolled but will also support any future needs.

Our MDM Platform supports that connectivity of different devices with all major operating systems including Microsoft Windows, Linux, IOS and Android.