For Hospitality industry, keeping guests happy and delivering the level of service they expect means better reputation and more revenues. However, it can sometimes be challenging unless you provide them full control over the environment they are in.

Our Smart Room Automation technology alleviates these challenges by providing automated control of HVAC, Lighting, Curtains and Shades etc. That means your guests can enjoy superior comfort and control. In addition to that it allows you to centrally manage the guest room experience through all hotel rooms and across buildings with simple easy to use web based interface. From the moment your guest check -in, you can get their room ready according to their preference quickly and efficiently. Not only smart room automation also allows you to optimize the use energy while guests are away resulting in significant decrease of associated costs.

We leverage the latest technology to automate all the room functions that will increase your guest`s comfort by letting them create ambiance they want. It will also give your staff better control over the amenities in the rooms so you provide personalized service.

With improved centralized control over guest room amenities, you can optimize energy consumption that will bring major reduction in energy bills. This cost reduction can be up to 30%.

Our smart room automation technology will also support your efforts in becoming environmentally friendly and sustainable hospitality business. This will be achieved by cutting down energy consumption in your hotel rooms. It will be considered as a great gesture on your behalf and your guests will appreciate it.

We use programmable controllers that make it easy for our clients to choose the setting the want. From basic fan speed to temperature settings and light controls you can easily integrate as well customize the product specific functions.